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Deliver on the strategic plan… brilliantly

  • the team, grouped around a mobile device

Strategy is a team game, alignment is a key to success.

With task-buddy:

  • The whole organisation sees the plan, mission or roadmap.
  • The business unites best behind a plan that they’ve developed.
  • Everyone updates regularly because it is important to them.
  • It’s easy to report progress, anywhere and anytime.
  • Personal achievement gets noticed and appreciated
  • Performance hotspots get revealed early.
  • The business sees quickly who need support and who’s absolutely flying!


Log in to monitor personal progress against the 4 or 5 strategic goals that are the essence of the plan.

Input tasks, update progress and show everyone that you shine.

Simple to use

Record progress using touch-screen sliders for every task. It’s simple to estimate completion from 0—100%

10 minutes per week is all it takes.

Get the full picture

Everyone contributes to the plan so everyone inputs. A complete performance picture builds by individual, team, branch and division.

task-buddy helps the business to succeed!

Show how you feel!

Every team member can record how the feel. No effort is misunderstood, undervalued or goes un-noticed…ever.

One day, all organisations will run this way.