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What our users say

Every organisation will experience a gap between what it plans to do and what actually happens.

The secret to success is getting everyone aligned to goals as much as possible and performing as well as they can.

task-buddy shows where emerging gaps are quickly and who needs help.

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Opinions that count. What our customers and partners say…

“Our people loved it the moment they started to use it. They really bought into the concept of being seen to shine. For me, a team performing well visibly leads to a successful business”

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Martin Clarke, Managing Director,
Inspire Change Ltd

“In my view, corporate systems have become too complicated. task-buddy works precisely because it is straight-forward, easy to adopt and simple to use. Theres no clutter from too much data and any performance gaps are easy to see”

Jeremy White, Director,
CSI 10 Ltd

“I wanted a system that allowed me to follow the progress of a key business development project without massive project review meetings. task-buddy was perfect for the job”

Mark Carrington, CEO
i-FSS ltd